Monday, April 5, 2010

Mustaches in Chicago

We were living in Chicago, between ‘63 and ’65.

It was a great city, we enjoyed it after NY, no mother and no mother- in -law. We did not have to decide which house we went to on Friday and Saturday. We were freer than we had been.

I was an art director in McCann’s Chicago. We had a great apartment, overlooking the playboy mansion. Binoculars were used frequently, the bunnys sunned on the roof. Ah, Chicago.

I had been offered a job in London, that was when Pop asked, “couldn’t find a job in America?”

My wife was pregnant with our first child, I was going back and forth between Chicago and London…a little crazy.

Paul, our son was born on April 20th in Chicago.

I had a mustache at the time and it was pretty rare in those days.

The office gave me a final going away party, and everyone wore a fake mustache, they even got a picture of the new born, you guessed it, a mustache for the kid.

I did one of my favorite ads there.

Marshall Fields, the department store, ran a campaign in the New Yorker. We did a toy ad to run at Christmas, it was a Teddy bear with a tear in it’s eye, on a black background. The headline was “every toy should have a child” I loved that ad.

Chicago was really good for us, a great city, made good friends, did some good work, got offered my job in London, overlooked the playboy mansion, took our first trip to Greece, and had a son.

Thank you windy city.

London, with a 30 day old baby. What insanity. My wife is a saint, more about that later.

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  1. Chicago...Chicago...We were truly independent then. Our weekends were our own!