Sunday, April 4, 2010

Dogs behind the screen

Easter this year, is slightly insane. Americans, Greeks, Albanians, Brits, Persians and French all got together to celebrate the ressurrection.

We are roasting , lamb and goat as well as chicken and the traditional kokoretsi. There are 3 grills going strong and 7 guys working them, there is no common language, common gestures yes, common language, no. There is a common goal. The fires started at 9:30 this morning, various recipes are being argued, in no common language. The drinks are flowing, wine, beer, ouzo, and some other mysterious stuff. They seem to have found a common language.

The women are in the house making all the food and desserts to accompany the meats. A variety of vegetable dishes, and desserts that range from apple pie to all sorts of middle eastern favorites.

As the lamb gets done, the roasters try it as a meze, little pieces are cut off and offered around, after all there are 7 of them.
One very delapitated lamb is left, thank heavens we still have the goat.

At 3 in the afternoon, we are ready to eat, the serving table groans, we will all soon be groaning. Everything is wonderful, somebody forgot the potatoes and the tzatziki inside. Nobody notices.

The dogs are inside, watching through the screen door, they will get some later, in spite of my daughter's complaints.

Easter in Greece, a view of the sea, friends and family, roasting lamb, wine, food, music. The cries of Xristos Anesti from the next door house, the cracking of the eggs, the text messages on your phone that started at midnight wishing you a happy Easter, a true celebration.

I cannot imagine anything much better, except maybe an Alka Seltzer, and a nice long nap.

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  1. Yes,we had a beautiful day and it continued well into the late evening as we sat with our friends and family in front of our outdoor fireplace, nibbling the leftovers and sipping homemade lemon cello. Yes, a beautiful day!