Thursday, April 22, 2010

A fright in Germany

While at McCann Spain, we had a German Client, the huge detergent company Henkel.
I periodically had to go to Germany to the Henkel headquarters and present the advertising for Spain.

We had an English creative guy,based in London, that coordinated the account and he joined me for this presentation in Germany.

After about two hours and vast amounts of apple juice (only place I ever drank it) and coffee,
I went to the toilet to relieve myself. Oh my God it is red, I must be passing blood, I am going to die in Germany,
and this has to be serious.
I do not want to die, and certainly not in the Henkel headquarters.
I go back to the meeting, sneaking out a few more times to check;
it is not as dark but still reddish. I gotta get out of there.

We finish the meeting; I have a flight at 6:00 pm.
They invite us to lunch, I have to go with them.
We get into a Mercedes, naturally, Clive and me in the back, the two clients up front.
Clive notices that I am a little pale, I tell him what is going on.
He turns to me and tells me it always happens to him when he eats beets.

I had eaten a big portion of beets the night before. I am so relieved;
I kiss Clive on the mouth to thank him (after all I am Greek).

At that moment the client sees this bizarre performance in the rear view mirror.
What to make of this. Nothing is said and we have this odd, stilted lunch, never once mentioning the beets, or even ordering them.

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