Saturday, April 3, 2010

more things Pop said

When I was getting married, my wife to be prepared a dinner for my family to meet hers. It was the engagement party. My godparents came with the ring and an icon, my parents, my sisters and who knows who else. Her parents, grandmother, brother, aunt as well as a bunch of people were already there. A very big deal.

My wife’s parents were much younger than mine and her Mom was very beautiful. Pop’s first line when we arrive, was “Which one is yours?”

My poor wife had to prepare the meal, it was a test. Typical if you are Greek or from that part of the world. She actually had done it all.

Pop was the patriarch of the group, best chair, first drink, etc.

My wife had made dolmades. Grape vine leaves wrapped around rice, meat and spices. The leaves are packed in brine and have to be washed very well to get rid of the salt. She rinsed them lightly and prepared the dish. Her Dad, who was a chef, thought she rinsed them too well and had forgotten to add salt. He did.

My father is proudly served the dolmades first, since he was who he was, the patriarch. He takes a bite and put the dolma down. The whole room is looking at him expectantly. What is the verdict, will his son have a proper wife that can cook?

He looks up and says “The bride is very beautiful,” and refuses to eat the rest of the night. My wife is a great cook and she is very beautiful.

Look for something good to say, even if the dolmades are salty as hell.


  1. I love that story! We all know what a cook Jeannine is now!!!

  2. I almost died when PoP was offered the dolmades first thing as there was so much else to choose from that was really good and would have vindicated me, but the darned dolmades looked so good except that they could have stood straight up from the salt and walked around the embarassing