Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kitsou, Kitsou, Kitsou and Costa

Here is the thing, I find out that all, or most of the donkeys in Greece are called Kitsou…and it seems they always have been called Kitsou.

Our cat in Coney Island in Pop’s store was called Kitsou as well. When Kitsou died and we got a new cat he was called Kitsou, fortunately we never had more than one cat at a time. Seemed strange at the time, all Pop said was it was easier if they (the cats) were all called Kitsou. Sounded normal but I never asked why Kitsou and not Puss or something like that.

All this seemed pretty strange so I did some research, locals as well as Google, both in Greek as well as in English. This is what seems to come up, and for a change not violently contradictory.

The locals tell me all donkeys are called Kitsou in honor of a thief in the 1800’s called Kitsou who rode a donkey.

Google tells me his name was Kitsou Davelis.

There was another Kitsou that was a hero during the Greek war of Independence from the Turks. I cannot get his last name, but I am trying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

It seems this Kitsou went to the Turks and asked for a donkey, he was sarcastically asked what he would give for this donkey and he said a Turkish prisoner. It did not go down to well with the Turkish authorities.

Knowing Greece a bit, the first Kitsou could have been the hero; thieves in those days had a pretty glorious reputation.

I am still trying to get to the bottom of the Kitsou mystery. I wonder how it got to Coney Island?


  1. I always wondered about this as well. Speaking of donkeys in Greece....They have all but disappeared from the Greek countryside. I remember on our first trip to Greece in the sixties as we traveled along the country roads of Northern Greece seeing the farmers riding back from their fields or olive groves, women trailing behind and on the rare occasion riding on a donkey, sometimes the donkey laden with tree branches for firewood. Now-a-days it is quite a different situation.

  2. I love it. let me know what you find out. I'll do some checking also. I love a mystery.

  3. I think I found the answer. Vivi Kitsou. Great ass.

  4. I have been severely reprimanded by the donkey naming authorities, it seems it is KITSOS, not Kitsou. Sorry