Sunday, June 26, 2011

Horses in the olive groves.

I do not know why this is so surprising to me. Goats, sheep, dogs, donkeys in the groves makes some sort of sense.

Our area is almost a suburb of Athens; it is the Hamptons of Athens…at least that is what it has been called.

The locals have prospered selling land for villas to Athenians and foreigners. They had donkeys and horses; at least their fathers did, before the BMWs and the Mercedes they tool around in now.

For many years there were no horses around here, yes on the island of Spetses for the carriages that take tourists around, but not here on the mainland.

There seems to be an influx of horses now, the locals have even started an equinine club, horses seem to be all over the place. They show them and ride them around…not quite England, but close.

They ride them with a sort of western saddle with lights, especially at night, which makes sense to me.

It might be a nostalgic desire to return to their roots, a little like the wealthy ship owners having traditional wooden fishing boats “kaikia “ instead of “ gin palaces “.

I guess if you think about it, it makes perfect sense, horses and kaikia, I will have to go back to making candy, just like Pop did, or get a kaiki like Papoo.


  1. So you really still can draw. A delightful illustration. Start to draw and paint some more.

    Nice little story. I think you should seriously consider getting a horse. Tell them to install a hitching post in town so you can ride in and tie him up while you have an ouzo and octopus.

  2. Greg, my grandfather use to have a donkey, called Kitso, like every other donkey owner in Greece. My mum use to ride Kitso to school (in Kranidi) every day. I think it would be great but my problem is, how do I secure 8 scuba tanks on a donkeys back?

  3. Get four them all Kitso. We had a cat in Brooklyn called Kitso, when he died the new cat was called Kitso as well.

  4. So nice to see horses in the fields.....I love the illustration!

  5. I think that they are saving money on not owning a car.. plus, horses are much more loving and furry than cars.. terrific illustration!