Sunday, April 3, 2011

SSSHHH, don't yell, I can hear you.

Something I can now say easily, before I had to train everybody to speak louder, not anymore.

This is now a brief continuation of my previous blog that got such a response.

There is supposed to be 10% of the population that is hard of hearing…but a lot less wear hearing aids.
The comments on my blog showed that a hell of a lot more than 10% of my friends have a hearing problem.

I also got comments from hearing aid blogs through out the states…who knew that they existed?

I write these blogs for the education of my family and the entertainment of friends and acquaintances…now it seems this last one was a help to many readers. It was not the objective but I am glad it helped.

I think I should negotiate a commission for all the hearing aids that might be sold through my blog, or at least a big discount on my second one, which will probably be purple.

I had a problem with my hearing aid and went to the distributer in Greece, since I do not have an audiologist here.

Great service, showed me stuff I did not know, cleaning and adjustments etc. Knowledgeable guy…good to know there is somebody so close to help me out when I need it.

I just want to underline that this thing in my ear has been a tremendous help, not just physically but emotionally as well; I think that I am calmer and less grumpy.

A hearing aid is like a tranquilizer in my ear, it also calms everybody around me as well…better than Valium for everybody.


  1. Are you really getting another one? Now you,ll be able to hear the friends in Brooklyn from Greece. You'll hear all the people who used to whisper sbout you and snicker. Are you sure you want to hear that.

    Then again you'll be able to hear all those beautiful babes commenting on how hot you are. You may be opening a new window into a world long past. Have fun.

  2. Actually, the problem was a tiny one, a simple matter of a little wax build up...Now that you know how to clean it, something that the NY somehow neglected to show you how to take care of...All's well that ends well...

  3. I love all your posts....they keep me smiling :)