Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Puppies in the Garbage

The other day Kathy, our housekeeper, was driving into town. She passed a garbage bin on the road and found six abandoned puppies, less than a month old.

The shepherds, who have a bunch of dogs, have the unfortunate tendency to abandon the pups. God knows why they don’t have their dogs fixed, must be the cost. This is one of the horrible things about living in Greece, the abandoned animals. The shepherds are not the only ones to blame. The summer people get a puppy for the summer and then abandon them in the autumn. The roads are full of these dogs; some are not mutts, but purebred dogs.

We already have about four dogs on our property. We could not leave the pups in the garbage, even though the last thing we wanted were more dogs.

All our dogs are street dogs; we even sent some to family in the States. We are mushes when it comes to abandoned animals, our youngest daughter is the worst, and the rest of us aren’t so far behind. So we picked them up, brought them home and we are in the process of finding homes for them. I am sure at least two will stay here.

Go to my daughter’s dog’s blog to see them, you might want one or two. If you live abroad, and if you are lucky, she will even hop on a plane and hand deliver them to you!

This terrible habit, that not only exists in Greece, but also in other Mediterranean countries, is slowly getting better. Street dogs live in parks and are fed by locals on a regular basis, almost like having a regular pet.

So when in Greece and you are about to dump your garbage, check the bin, it just might have a bunch of puppies in it.

Please do not bring them to us: we still have at least 3 we are trying to find homes for.

By the way would you like a puppy, or did I ask you before?


  1. Greg,

    You are a beautiful man. I am honored to call you my friend.

  2. people are sick.. that is how i adopted my beloved kurgyn.. some jerk went around pleasantville dropping off kittens on the sides of roads in the middle of winter.. my twin and mom just happened upon him and brought him home.. he decided that i was going to be his mother and the rest is history.. best cat in the world..

  3. How can anyone resist this puppy...It will be a small dog. He is very quiet, loving and looks right into your eyes when you speak to him..His name is Phoenix...He is yours for the asking!

  4. It is such a sad fact that most of the people who cares about animals in Greece are not Greeks...Please visit which was created in order to help Greek strays. Every click matters!