Monday, June 7, 2010

Home made Greek wine"I made it myself, no chemicals."

I am going to write something that will get every Greek crazy, especially my friends. I have to admit that I do admire the Greeks that have a couple of grape plants, and believe they are wine makers. Nevertheless, not one of them will admit that they sometimes miss, and make something that borders on undrinkable. “ Its pure, no chemicals, I made it myself” as if that puts it in the same class as the really good Greek wines. OK, I have had some homemade wine that is drinkable, especially after the 4th glass.

We Greeks have the ability to believe that our thing, whatever it may be, beach, wine, village, olive oil, car, kids, anything, is the best, and sometimes the best in the world.

I guess I really like people bringing me plastic water bottles, with the label still on, filled with bright pink rose, and told they made it themselves” no chemicals”. Our cupboard still has some old Fanta bottles filled with homemade wine, maybe it will age and I will have to write a retraction.
I doubt it though.

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