Sunday, May 2, 2010

The not so barren seascape

It is easy to assume the seascape is barren. Once you open your eyes it is filled with color, life, movement, underwater landscapes and even antiquities (maybe not always ancient, but certainly old). There is so much going on that it amazes you. There was a great French painter who said "give me a small piece of land and I will see the universe."
It is a matter of looking. I am sorry I referred to it as barren, it is far from barren.

The photos were taken by Dario Castelfranco, and my dive instructor John Alexakis,There are hundreds more. Thanks guys.


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  2. Sorry Greg...this thing is a tattle-tale. I had made an earlier comment about how much I loved the pictures and that the one missing was of you holding the umbrella. I later find that picture on your "when is the last time...' entry. How embarrassing it is that I 'removed' a comment. Argh!
    (you have many more fun shots more!) Maria

  3. You have to read them in sequence, otherwise you make mistakes