Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Alfredo, who is that woman coming in?

Our favorite restaurant in London during the sixties was San Frediano on Fulham Road. A great Italian trattoria, there were many in London at the time, very cool, very in. Saturday lunch was a ritual. With the kids and friends it made you feel like you were in Italy. There was an atmosphere that was very Mediterranean, not very English, even though it was filled with English people. They liked kids and even catered to them. Our son loved it so much that 15 years later he would take his girlfriend there and put it on my account.

I would often have dinner there with my wife during the week. Once, I got there early and was at the bar waiting for her. I was chatting with the owner, it was not quite dark yet and I saw this incredible woman outside, silhouetted, about to come in. I asked Alfredo, to find out who that woman was. She looked fabulous! I got a very strange look from Alfredo, he turned to me and said “Ma Greg, it iza yooour wi-ife.”

She had gotten her hair done in a different way, and was wearing a terrific outfit, and I, like an idiot did not recognize her.

Alfredo glared at me, and as he led us to our table all eyes were on my wife. She looked stunning. Then in a very casual voice he told my wife what had happened. So much for men sticking together. I said it was my glasses being dirty, the sun was in my eyes, I had too much to drink, I just blabbered away.

Fortunately, my wife acted like it was a compliment. Maybe now she will tell me what she really thought.

Thanks Alfredo.


  1. Greg, have you ever read The White Widow? It is by Jim Learer and it looks like the perfect woman has arrived. She, being the white widow, is worth leaving your wife and kids and joib for. In your case, you got off easy.

  2. Sean, it ain't over yet, I am waiting for her comment

  3. I don't think Jeannine will make a comment. She'd rather keep you wondering what she was thinking.