Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gary and the Corvette

We had some great times in Mexico with Gary and Kay, some stand out a bit more than others.

We had a weekend house in Tepoztlan, about 2 hours out of Mexico City.

One weekend, Kay was away and we invited Gary to come and stay.

As the head of General Motors in Mexico, Gary had access to any car he wanted.
The Corvette was just launched in Mexico and I assumed that Gary would come out to the house in one.

The Corvette, the most iconic American sports car, the Ferrari of the States.

He did, and as he drove down the driveway, top down, I realized Gary was not actually driving,
His driver was.

Somehow a Corvette with a chauffer in a dark suit is not the most common sight especially with Gary in shorts and tee shirt, ready for our pool. A zippy chauffer driven sports car, you got to love it.

If you think about it, this has to be the classiest way to arrive for a weekend in a Mexican mountain villa.

Gary was a classy guy, I remember at my going away party (I was transferred to Columbia reluctantly
By my dickhead of a boss, a Danish guy stationed in Brazil).

Gary stood up and made a very complimentary speech about me,
 While scaring the pants off of my boss.

Another classy move from Gary: this one while wearing a dark suit. Thanks Gary, I really liked that one.  

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