Friday, May 18, 2012

“They want you to autograph their menu.”

London in the 6os, San Frediano’s tratoria, very trendy joint, I get this request from the waiter…”those people over there want you to sign their menu.”

 I suddenly feel pretty good, a kid from Coney Island in London and people want my autograph.
They must have seen my latest ad for Esso.

Mario, the waiter leans down and whispers in my ear, “ they think you are Omar Sharif.”

I have a mustache, dark hair and do not look very English, I evidently also look like a Pakistani protester, a guy called Tariq Ali. People don’t ask me for an Ali autograph, they usually yell at me in the street, the politest is “ go back where ya came from you tosser!”

I am evidently mistaken for an Egyptian or a Pakistani, never for some well-known English actor, not even an American actor or personality. I have to speak with my super pronounced Brooklyn accent…much louder.

Back to San Frediano, I sign the menu with a flourish, Omar Sharif your friend.
There are a few menus signed Omar Sharif by me, I hope they do not turn up on Ebay.

I wonder if Omar Sharif was ever mistaken for me?   


  1. How funny! Except without a doubt, I think you were much better looking than Omar.
    Signed .....a Fan

  2. Hahahaha! I remember this story! And this restaurant!! You should write about when you were called Kojak!

  3. You must have made a lot of people very happy with your Omar Sharif signatures.

    I remember Tariq Ali... he was a real leftist firebrand... curiously, he still is when he occasionally pops up on the TV...