Monday, March 12, 2012

Greek fisherman's cap from New York

Greek fisherman caps are surprisingly famous and I love them.

 I live in Greece, actually on the coast, near a fishing village.
Try buying a Greek fisherman’s cap in the village; it is not going to happen. They do sell some cheap tourist versions, which no Greek fisherman would be seen dead in. By the way, the Greek fisherman usually wear baseball caps with I love NY on them.
The traditional Greek fisherman’s cap is mostly seen on old retired fisherman…the hats look older than the guys wearing them.
 As a good non-fisherman, Greek American, I wanted one and looked all over here in Greece for one, no luck…non of the thick woolen caps that the old guys wear.

 By the way the old guys are about 90 to 100 years old, so I can refer to them as old guys.

Back to the caps, while in NY I went to my favorite hat store on Fifth Ave. and 30 something street, JJ hats. I buy my Borsalino hats there as well as my cloth caps when I want to do the English thing. I walked in there a couple of years ago and see the traditional Greek fisherman’s caps, thick woolen one. Inside it said made in Greece…they also had some touristy ones, white, cotton etc. nevertheless the classic one was heavy wool, embroidered visor…really great.

There is a label inside that tells me they are made, since 1885 in an ancient village outside of Athens. No mention of the village’s name. A company in San Francisco exclusively imports them, the only Greek fisherman’s cap available in the US…it seems the only country in the world you can get them in, and I gave up on getting one in Greece.

I should import them to Greece from the US, even though they originally come from and are made in Greece. I have to try to find that ancient village outside of Athens that has a Greek fisherman’s cap industry.
I now have my cap and bought some for friends here in Greece.

I will stroll by the fishing boats and see if the fishermen are attracted to my cap, might be a side business.

If you want one, you can order one on line from JJ hats, or let me know.


  1. Hilarious - a new twist on import-export business!!

    We should do a pet apparel line of Greek fisherman hats!

    1. This is hysterical. A terrific piece. The Birbil wit rides again. I assume you have one of the caps set aside for me.

      I love this story.

  2. Amazing you can't buy such a familiar item in Greece but congratulations on finding a Greek made one in New York!

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