Friday, October 7, 2011

"X" marks the spot

Three years ago they found a benign tumor in my skull just above my sinus cavity.

I had three options, wait and see what happens (not for me),
We could have major surgery, going in from the top of my skull, removing the entire tumor,
Or, slightly less invasive, cut over the eyebrow and go in from the side and get as much as you can.

We chose the 3rd option knowing that it would eventually grow back but it would not be a problem in my lifetime.

It is growing, faster than we thought it would, damn thing is not going to beat me.

I have been having MRIs periodically and they showed that it is growing slightly faster than expected.

Before it becomes what it originally was, and would require invasive surgery again, there is something that can be done.

Gamma Knife seems to be the answer, non invasive in spite of the knife in the name. It is a focused controlled radiation treatment…they zap it out evidently. It has to be accurate and really on target otherwise it destroys stuff it is not supposed to.

I have been reading about it and it seems to be a remarkable procedure.
I spoke to my surgeon’s assistant and asked about timings, since it will be done in the States. She said your appointment is the 8th the procedure is the 10th and you can fly back to Greece on the 12th. Pretty amazing stuff. Needless to say we will stay in NY a little longer, just in case he missed.

I had a pretty incredible experience before we found all this out.

I sent my MRIs to my surgeon in the States.

He emailed me on Saturday the 10th of Sept, the weekend of the 10th anniversary of 9/11.
That in it self was amazing, he also emailed the surgeon he recommended for the Gamma Knife surgery.
His email included all my MRIs. It is now Sunday and the other surgeon is answering, discussing my case with my original surgeon.

The secretary is sending me copies of everything to keep me informed, everything is decided, when, where, the works-and this is the weekend of the 9/11th anniversary.

I am awed by their commitment and dedication.
It still knocks me out.
These people are incredible.
I have to admire the commitment they have to their work.

Thank heavens they are my guys.


  1. Sorry to hear that's the reason you will be coming to NYC...but we will be here waiting for you & jeanine with smiles and hugs:-)

  2. Wishing a swift recovery.

  3. Thanks Monika, but it is very easy, no big deal

  4. Not much to say Greg. Only that it sounds like something that won't be that bad and that it's a good thing they caught it. Also that I love you and will be there with hugs and kisses in NYC.

  5. why is the X there? is it because you didn't have a scar to show off last time?

  6. New Yorkers stick together - but more importantly, family and friends do - and you have a TON of people on your side!

    I love you and this, THIS is going to be a breeze compared to everything else!

    You are my hero!

  7. That "X" is a big smooch from the gang of guys (and gals) in your corner.

  8. Sigues siendo el Rey !!! Viva Greg

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  10. Tackling life head on make up a big part of who you are. Your strength,courage and the wonderful attitude of "let's just get on with it...let's just do this,"your optimism brings energy into everything you do...and yes this is not the invasive procedure that your surgery was, it is an in and out event, home the same day and ready to celebrate our daughter's Birthday a few days later, but to most people it is a big deal and that is why you are our HERO and we love you so!

    We will celebrate 50 years of marriage on January 14th. That in itself is as amazing as you are my darling Greg.....Looks like my loving instincts at 17 led me to one very special guy. So yes,yes,yes,love is in the air too and boy are we gonna celebrate with some swell champagne.