Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Hadjibirbilakis, the Birbilakis, the Birbils,

While looking at some old photos, I was curious to see if there were any physical resemblances. Do I look like my Father or my Grandfather does my son look like any of us? The span is Asia Minor, NY, and Greece, a fisherman, a candy maker, an advertising guy and a painter. I often think what would have happened if there was no catastrophe, would we all have been fishermen?

I was named after my Grandfather and kind of think I look like him. My son was named after his Grandfather, my Dad…and he kind of looks like him.

This unfortunately is as far back as we go on my Fathers side, I think I can go further back on my Mothers side, I have to talk to some cousins in France.

I have friends and I read about people that can trace their roots for hundreds of years. I wonder what is back there in my family roots, do we actually go back to Crete and before that, what?


  1. You definitely look like your grandfather. I am sure if you go further back you will find out you are Italian. Then you will have to eat more garlic and drink Anisette.

  2. don't the roots of everyone trace back to africa at some point? and yes, you look like your granddad..