Saturday, September 18, 2010

For a few drachmas more...

We first came to Greece in the early sixties and visited relatives in Edipsos, on the island of Evia, a small Greek town.
We were there a few days and I went to the barbershop with a cousin for his twice-weekly shave. I never had a barber shave me; I was looking forward to it.

When my turn came, the barber asked me if I wanted a shave with a view or not.

The shop went quiet, they all looked at me to see my reaction. The barber continued his sales pitch, he said “ for a few drachmas more”, I could have my shave with a view of the sea.

How could I resist, I said “naturally with a view”, how were they going to do that, since we were on a side street. The barber’s chair was moved to the street and turned to the left and looked down the street to a glimpse of the sea.

I was seated in the middle of the street, facing the sea, not a bad view of the sea; I also was not a bad view to most of the town, sitting there like a goof.

The young boy that was helping the barber ran out with a bucket of hot water, some towels and a brush and soap. I was lathered up and got my first shave from a barber. I had a view and a great shave, it was worth a few drachmas more. It really was worth it when the raki came out with all the customers as well and we toasted my view.

I have had many professional shaves throughout the world, never was I asked if I wanted a shave with or without a view.

It seems like a great sales pitch.


  1. Could only have happened to you...and be retold by you so well ...I can see it...exactly!!

  2. Hysterical story. A Greg Birbil anecdote if I ever heard one. Thanks for starting my day with a hearty laugh. Now all I need to complete my day is a little "lion's milk". Maybe more than a little.

    Funny! Funny! Funny!

  3. Greg,

    Not sure if you remember me, but I met you a few times at MCE Athens. I worked at Amster Yard on the booze business.

    Love your blog, keep the great stories coming.

    Also, I have an olive tree on my deck in Brooklyn..



  4. Adam, it must be the only Olive tree in Brooklyn, we didn't have any in Coney Island.