Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Coney Island then

Coney Island at that time was an amazing place. We lived 2 blocks from the boardwalk, it was only 1 block from Pop's store. The "magazi" was called the Paradise Luncheonette and Ice Cream Parlor. It was on Surf Ave. and we lived on Mermaid Ave. The other avenue in Coney Island was Neptune Ave. Great names, great avenues. The streets that connected them were uncreatively named by numbers 1 thru 40th street, We were between 16th and 15th Street.
This is obviously only interesting to me, but I did say it was going to be very one sided, didn't I?

My 2 sisters were very protective of me, since I was the youngest and the only boy, life was good.


  1. I remember that your sister told me you refused to stay still for the photograph and they both had to hold you in place from behind...Hence the oh so serious pouting look. It is still hard to hold Greg in place....all that boundless energy.
    A sweet picture in my book!