Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Underwater at 78

Birthdays, we remember them; most of mine that I remember have been pretty good and some even fantastic. 50 years old in Mexico, and a surprise bullfight, basically a young bull that does it every day, chases you around and you get to do El Cordobes gestures,  and hope you don’t get tossed in the air. 
Obviously nothing happens to the bull. 

That was a pretty memorable birthday.

I have been blessed by having many birthdays with belly dancers; they seem to be my present of choice from friends of mine…I wonder why? The friends are Armenians and Greeks that might explain it as well as my love of the “art” of belly dancing.

As some of you know I started scuba diving pretty late in life, when I was 69 or 70.
I do not dive as often as I would like to but I do manage to dive more than a few times a year.
My dive instructor here in Porto Heli, John Alexakis, is a great friend as well. He is very concerned for me when we dive; he really takes care of me underwater. It is inconceivable for me to dive with anyone else.

When I told him I wanted to dive on my birthday, the 30th of August, he said  “sounds like a plan” the equivalent for us of OK.

We were having a coffee on the dockside, he said he would bring the boat over so I would not have to walk so far, I told you, he takes care of me.

When he arrived the boat was covered in balloons, perfect for a kids birthday party. We all got on board and pulled out of the harbor to the surprise of all the boats and people around the dockside. There were even some cheers, or maybe jeers.

There were 4 of us on board, the dive instructor, a friend and another two divers. We went to a small bay, not very far, and suited up for the dive. My birthday dive, water was perfect, visibility was great…we were only missing my traditional birthday belly dancer. Returning to the boat I see a sign hanging under the boat, happy birthday Greg with a bottle of champagne, actually a small bottle of Asti Spumante.

Another great birthday, maybe even the best, and without the belly dancers.

I think this might be a new venture for John, underwater birthday celebrations, hopefully with belly dancers. 


  1. So bummed to have missed it -The lack of belly dancers was probably due to the fact that John couldn't publish on his website- endangered underwater species

  2. That was an awesome celebration! It is great to see how fun can life be at 78 :)) inspiring. Thanks Ad Man in Greece

  3. Hmmmm. I remember one belly dancer ... maybe for your 30th Birthday. Lewis Long arranged it and I was reprimanded by Ronnie Kirkwood for booking the Creative Meeting Room for the event. Those were the days. Diane

  4. it was a good one and surprisingly i was surprised and embarrassed.
    Diane where are you? E mail me ,

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